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Entertainment Event List

S5 Box

On this page you'll find an overview of our upcoming events and meetings, as well as an entry of the assigned voice servers. As long as not stated otherwise all events will be accessible for everybody, guests are always welcome. Of course we expect everyone participating to remain friendly, avoid offensive language and maintain a pleasant atmosphere - it is crucial to follow the requests of the administrators implicitly.


Sometimes we meet spontaneously without previous announcement in the chart. Additionally, for those who don't want to miss those meetings as well, we recommend to occupy the A.F.K. channels of our voice servers or to keep an eye on the voice server overview widget on our website.





Admin Meeting NewNet Admin Team 30.08.2018 20.00
CS:Source NewNet & Guests 30.08.2018 20.10
Rocket League NewNet & Guests 30.08.2018 21.30
Live Stream Atarix777, Neckshredder1 TeamSpeak 2 03-18-2012 13.00 (CONNECTION TEST)