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Server TeamSpeak 3

S5 Box




If you want to join our TeamSpeak3-Server then please take first care of any background noises. Your virtual LED should only light up when you are talking. If something on your end is causing noises, then please mute your microphone to avoid disturbing other users.



'TeamSpeak' is a proprietary Voice over IP software that allows users to speak on a chat channel with other users, much like a telephone conference call. A TeamSpeak user will often wear a headset with an integrated microphone. Users use the TeamSpeak client software to connect to a TeamSpeak server of their choice, from there they can join chat channels. The target audience for TeamSpeak are gamers, who can use the software to communicate with other players on the same team of a multiplayer game. Communicating by voice gives a competitive advantage by allowing players to keep their hands on the controls. Currently there is no stable Mac OS X version available, although TeamSpeex is a viable alternative.



Please visit the provider's website ( ) and download the latest version.



You will always find the newest access data to our TeamSpeak 3 Server after your registraton on this website at the Community Forums or by voice while being a temporary guest to one of our members.

We are still using 'TeamSpeak 2' instead of

'TeamSpeak 3'. We've decided that it has the best

resource-usage/efficiency-relation for our purposes.